Lumena Atherton is a sound healer living in the catskill mountains.She uses tibetan singing bowls for meditation and therapies. She also teaches and practices Dasa Vayu and Lightbody Meditation.

Welcome – My name is Lumena.

Om Swasti Astu
My name is Lumena.

I am a sound healer and musician living in the catskill mountains. I use tibetan singing bowls (which the correct name for is Himalayan Singing Bowls ) for meditation and therapies. I believe that sound healing is the easiest and simplist way to help people open themselves up to the possiblity of balance and health.The reason I like using Himalayan Singing Bowls is that there is no complicated method or technique necessary for the client to learn. The sound of the bowls is like a river and you only need to follow it to reach wonderful states of being.

It was in Bali that I finally found the path that I am sure will guide me the rest of my life. It is a simply described thing – the real way to find spiritual growth is by increasing one’s ability to balance all the parts of the whole that is you. All of the different methods that I have studied come to the same realization. The sum of all your parts, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical must be in alignment with each other for you to enjoy good health and inner harmony. To ignore any one of these four areas will result in a disharmony that can lead to sickness. The therapies that I offer all seek to bring each of us into a simple state of balance and it is this state of balance and nothing more that will cause healing to occur. If you are interested in the what exactly I learned in Bali you can check the link to Dasa Vayu. That is the name of a meditation practice that I have been using since I met a guru there named I Made Sumantra. You can read more about Dasa Vayu here.