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Using sound to heal in a partnership with your clients.

In Asia when someone goes to a healer to cure an issue there is an unspoken contract of behaviour that both parties adher to. The behavioral contract consists of how the dynamic of interaction between healer and client will work. During shamanic or energetic healing sessions the client is not passive in the way that […]

Alain Presencer Video

This video is well worth your time. Alain Presencer, one of earliest westerners to adopt tibetan singing bowls. His ideas resonate with what many others have said. At times he can overload you but ultimately he has thought about sacred sound for his entire life.

Sounds for Healing

Just a quick note to point to downloadable sounds for your personal healing and spiritual growth.            

Sound Massage
Healing with Sound and Intention

“The sound of the bowls is like a river and by merely following their sounds into silence great healing can occur.” My thinking about singing bowls and doing sound massages with them… The harmonious sounds that singing bowls make combined their gentle vibration allows singing bowls to suggest a state of well-being to your body […]

Harmonic Healing Spirals

The Power of Spirals. Robert Bedner, PhD., a scientist and sound healing researcher has been conducting experiments to measure the electronic potential of spirals. He has lately become very interested in the electronic potential of vibrating copper. Copper when struck and vibrating creates aligned fields of electrons. Various other scientists have referred to this a […]

Healing Resonance

Healing Resonance When scientists observe atoms and electrons they find that actually they have no perceivable form are not solid but exist as waves. Electrons are actually the vibrational waves of the atom. The atom’s magnetism or gravity holds the wave or the electrons. The word resonance is often used to talk about a variety […]

Himalayan Alchemy
Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls

Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls were made with a consecrated alloy that contained between 5 and 12 different metals; gold, silver, lead, tin, copper, mercury and most importantly iron and meteorite elements. The main alloy components that contribute to the sound are copper, tin and iron. The type of iron that was added to the bowls […]

Video and Sound File

I recently put up a nice video that I made using only three singing bowls. I think I am finally getting the knack of getting good recordings of my bowls. I also have gotten all the bugs out of putting sound files up on the internet for free download. So First off here is the […]

Debunking the Chakra Theory – Tibetan Singing Bowls are not single note instruments

A lot of theories about which notes for which chakras float around. Joy Gardner has a few, Russill Paul has made various comments, Fabian Maman has spent most of his life trying to map which frequencies are the magic ones. I myself have occasionally used each of their systems to help people decide what notes […]

Sound Light Being – Invocation – Sound and Video

I have been working a lot lately and wanted to make a note about the new recording that I have posted on Bandcamp. I am developing a much stronger relationship with my guide and I am beginning to see real fruit in the ease of connection that is occurring. There is also a video up […]