Dasa Vayu

Dasa Vayu, Lumena, I Made Sumantra, Energy Healing Frequency of Healing What is Dasa Vayu?
In the healing tradition of Indonesia the channeling of divine energy as a curative method has been in constant use for centuries, Dasa Vayu is one of those methods. Dasa Vayu is similar to Reiki. Dasa Vayu has its roots in ancient India and is practiced throughout Indonesia today. Beginning in approximately the ninth century the culture of India spread to Indonesia. This influence is clearly preserved in modern times on the island of Bali. Ancient texts preserved on palm wood tablets called lontar record Sanskrit descriptions of yoga, healing and philosophy brought to the islands during the Hindu expansion. In Bali these Sanskrit texts remain in nearly their original state and are still studied by priests healers and artist. The result is a culture dominated by a holistic integration of the principles of ancient Hinduism. Knowledge of the chakra system and the fabric of the universal energy of god is woven into many aspects of daily life here.
Dasa Vayu as a healing energy is the same channeling of divine energy as Reiki. Dasa Vayu as a practice is somewhat more complete due to its technique being in constant use for centuries but both Reiki and Dasa Vayu are the same universal god energy. Reiki itself is merely a Japanese name for the same universal divine energy techniques rediscovered through the diligent efforts of Mikao Usui and his meditation and scholarship of ancient Tibetan texts. These texts, which he found preserved in Tibet, were also in written in Sanskrit and originally came from India as part of the Buddhist interpretations of ancient tantric Hinduism. In Bali Hinduism is the dominant religion and the techniques still retain the flavor of the original tantric techniques including the knowledge of the chakra system omitted from the Usui Reiki method.
The basic methodology and curative abilities of Dasa Vayu are consistent with Reiki. The major differences exist only the in attunement methods and symbolic metaphors. At a fundamental level universal divine energy is always the same no matter which cultural underpinning anchors the practitioner’s technique.

What you can expect from a healing
The experience of Dasa Vayu healing can vary widely. Almost everyone feels a greater sense of internal balance and self-integration. It is possible to achieve incredibly beneficial results with multiple treatments but many people enjoy significant results in as little as one treatment.
As in any work involving connecting to the cosmic power of god the result will always be greatest in case where both the practitioner and the patient consciously work toward being receptive to allowing the Divine energy access through an opening of the heart.

Training and Attunement
Dasa Vayu is an integrated approach to energy healing. The channeling of energy for use in healing requires that the healer prepare her body to create optimum conditions to allow divine energy to flow freely. Dasa Vayu requires attunement to symbols for use during healing process. It is also recommended that the practioner use mantra to stimulate the chakra pathways when preparing for channeling. Since Dasa Vayu acknowledges the chakra system of the practitioner’s body as a key component it is necessary to learn several mantras and pranayama techniques to fully open the energy channel. The continued practice of these techniques will also greatly improve the health and vitality of the practitioner.

Dasa Vayu is primarily dependent on the healer opening themselves up to the divine energy. It is always the divine energy that creates the healing effect and the most successful healers are those who allow their heart to open and the divine energy to work without interruption.

Divine cosmic energy contains all possible manifestation of energy but the human body is capable of receiving this energy only in very specific ways. A good metaphor for understanding the reception of this energy is a stained glass window. In a stained glass window each color of glass is capable of illuminating using only that particular vibration or color of light. The human body channels energy in a similar fashion and as the cosmic energy is flowing through the healers body different parts of the body act as receptors for the energy more efficiently or less efficiently depending on their sensitivity to the various frequencies of the energy. IN the Balinese system the model of energy coming from 9 directions and resides in various location on the body this gives the healer an easily visualized model which can be developed in to a well focused tool or channeling energy.

I occasionally offer workshops in this practice but to really learn it is is best to contact a Balinese Master.