Debunking the Chakra Theory – Tibetan Singing Bowls are not single note instruments

A lot of theories about which notes for which chakras float around. Joy Gardner has a few, Russill Paul has made various comments, Fabian Maman has spent most of his life trying to map which frequencies are the magic ones. I myself have occasionally used each of their systems to help people decide what notes have been chosen for various combinations of singing bowls.
I have personally done hours of research both by reading all the claims and by listening to various notes and extending my senses to determine which note belongs to what chakra. I don’t think there is one conclusive way to approach it.

Ultimately I have found that for the purposes of Himalayan Singing Bowls the answer does not have a direct relationship to one particular note and although I use particular bowls on certain parts of the body I do not believe that pitch is the main factor I use to choose which bowl to place where.

Himalayan Singing Bowls are not single frequency instruments. 

You can easily prove this by striking the area on the outside of the bowl with a soft mallet. You will hear a lower tone – this is the fundamental of the bowl. Now to prove that the bowls have more than one note lightly tap using a harder mallet on the rim and you will hear a second note clearly. This is the first major overtone in the chord of the bowl. Notice I say the word chord. The chords of Himalayan Singing Bowls individually include between 4-7 notes. Careful listening does not reveal this but how about a little science with that? Here is a frequency analysis chart of a single bowl made quickly using Ableton Live.

Notes present in a Single Himalayan Singing Bowl

Notes present in a Single Himalayan Singing Bowl. This bowl is a 9 inch Jambati. Although this particular bowl is quite old it is a common style of bowl and represents the frequency format common to a large number of Tibetan Singing bowls. Each Peak represents a note.

As you can see there is more to this than one note per chakra. So let’s be done with that myth. The Note is not like a crystal singing bowl and as you can see even one singing bowl can be used for Note (C), Note (G#), Note (E) and Note (B). Three or four bowls like this can create complex and moving harmonic resonances and more than exceed the tonally simple concept of one note per chakra. These tools represent thousands of years of meditation and experimentation from one of the most spiritually focused cultures in history.
As in many parts of the society we live in there is a lot of half truth and disinformation. So saying a bowl will resonate only one chakra is pretty simplistic and only a half truth. The main reason you do not get solid information from most of the people selling singing bowls on the internet is that they are not really very deeply involved with the bowls and operate their business from a sales and marketing approach.

The important idea to take away from this topic is really this.
Atoms and by extension people are resonators. When we observe atoms in a laboratory we find that that electrons are actually vibrational waves of the atom. The electromagnetism holds the wave to the atoms. This electromagnetism or harmonic resonance is the source of matter. Carbon is one of the main components of the human body. Carbon nuclei come into being as a result of three Helium nuclei bound together by atomic bounding (electro magnetism or “harmonic resonance”). They must be vibrating in phase and exact time alignment to produce a Carbon molecule. This is how we are made.

A three note chord is how we are made.

Complex harmonics that we hear speak to us at a cellular level and it is these complex chords not single notes that hold the key to entraining our consciousness.

Sound shamanism has a long history and the use of vibrating copper has been used in Asia since the 16th century BC by the Bon Shamans. When the brain is entrained by sound waves then the shaman can act as intermediary and guide the client back to health.

We learn listening and movement before birth. Hearing is the first sense to develop and the last to leave. Even when your heart stops you still hear.

It is this idea of a three note chord and stimulating resonance that lead to this style of using Himalayan Singing Bowls as a tool for healing and consciousness expansion.


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