Harmonic Healing Spirals

The Power of Spirals.
Robert Bedner, PhD., a scientist and sound healing researcher has been conducting experiments to measure the electronic potential of spirals. He has lately become very interested in the electronic potential of vibrating copper. Copper when struck and vibrating creates aligned fields of electrons. Various other scientists have referred to this a plasmon field. He set out to prove their existence when rubbing singing bowls. His experiment involves using a pico amp meter in the center of a singing bowl to measure kinetic (electrical energy) produced when singing or rubbing the bowls. His experiments found that the greatest meter deflection or peak of electronic energy or as he calls it plasmonic energy occurs when singing the bowl in an alternating pattern of three rotations in one direction then three rotations in the reverse direction. After a series of 3 repetitions of this pattern the meter registered the greatest measurement of potential. This means that alternating rotations in patterns of 3 x 3 create the maximum plasmonic field displacement.

Likewise the atoms our bodies react to electro magnetic potential and respond by engaging in resonance. Waves of a plasmonic field can create changes in the body.  Similar techniques are in common usage in physical therapy where the use of ultrasonic stimulation is commonplace. Singing bowls placed directly on the body and played using the alternating rotation technique and spinning you raise create the moving plasmon field directly the body. The alternating magnetism of the field creates an entrainment of the water molecules in the body with the spinning of the bowls.

Perhaps some of you reading may recognize the significance of the 3.5 turns in other disciplines. Science is beginning to catch up with ancient and traditional knowledge about the world and energy.mandala reiki tibet singing bowl spiral water


The vibrations of the singing bowls cause a light internal massage to all of our cells. The same results are conducted by physiotherapists with ultra-sonic sound waves  Synchronization comes into play when the vibrations of the singing bowls transform the normal vibrations and wavelengths of the human body to match their own. Meaning, a healthy organ vibrates at his own rhythms and frequency, while an unhealthy organ’s natural rhythm is disturbed. Singing bowls “recreate the original harmonic frequency, and stimulate the body to rediscover its own harmonic frequency, by making it vibrate to the frequency of the bowl so that when it is synchronized, it can vibrate independently”
Jansen, E.R., Singing Bowls: A Practical Handbook of Instruction and Use. (Diever, Holland: Binkey Kok Publications,1992);p.39


Using Singing Bowls Therapeutically
When spinning the bowls it is good to watch the breathing of the person for rhythmic activity. As you observe you are waiting to see an change in respiration. This is often occupied by a sigh.  When the it seems that the breathing is exaggerated cease the spinning and tap it lightly. As you do this the electro magnetic field will collapse and the water in the body will return to its natural pattern of flow. It should be noted that when this occurs toxins that may be dissolved in the water will separate from the water molecules and will be naturally flushed from the cell as water is exchanged. This is especially good for the water that is in the cranial sacral cavity. This entrainment and release helps to shake loose toxins that may have been built up over long periods.

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This technique of using electro magnetic spiraling of water is often used industrially to create pure water. It is also the used of magnetically charged water by the Edgar Cayce group to recreate high quality floral water extracts.There are other names for this process which include vortexing water, magnetizing water – even many high end water purification methods used in organic households employ spinning of water to separate toxins from the water molecules. The vortexing of water within the body actually works similarly to the Thai Yoga Massage method of using blood stops on major arteries. Stopping and starting the blood in main arteries in massage is a method of altering the rhythm of the heart and flushing toxins from the body. Unfortunately, this massage method can be stressful for people with high blood pressure and women on their periods and is so counter indicated. The method of using singing bowls to create wave interruptions of the heartbeat wave however, is much more gentle than using blood stops during massage to flush toxins, is substantially less risky and can be used with all types of patients without restriction.

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