Healing Resonance

Healing Resonance
When scientists observe atoms and electrons they find that actually they have no perceivable form are not solid but exist as waves. Electrons are actually the vibrational waves of the atom. The atom’s magnetism or gravity holds the wave or the electrons.

The word resonance is often used to talk about a variety of subjects but it’s scientific meaning is to share a common vibration – either a fundamental or an even harmonic of a specific repeating frequencies. This harmonic resonance is the source of matter. It is the harmonic resonance of the waves or vibrations surrounding the atom that create the structure of molecules.

Rare type of thadobati that is in the traditional shape of a begging bowl as portrayed on images of the Buddha. Lotusflowerlight.com,lumena.etsy.com

Rare type of thadobati that is in the traditional shape of a begging bowl.
This shape of bowl is often portrayed on images of the Buddha. Concept made into form.
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Sound creates form.

The richies perceived that in the beginning the world existed in an unmanifested state of consciousness. From that state of unified consciousness, the subtle vibrations of the cosmic soulless sound OM manifested. From that vibration there first appeared the Ether element. The ethereal element then began to move: it’s subtle movements created the Air, which Ether in action. The movement of Ether produced friction and through that friction heat was generated. Particles of heat-energy combined to form intense light and from this light the Fire element manifested.

Thus, Ether manifested into Air and it was the same Ether that further manifested into Fire. Through the heat of the Fire certain ethereal elements were dissolved and liquified manifesting the Water element and then solidified to form the molecules of Earth. In this way Ether manifested into the four elements of Air, Fire Water and Earth.
Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayruveda:The Science of Self-Healing(Santa Fe Lotus Press, 1984); p.21


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