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Tibetan Singing Bowls article wins Loyola University Library Award

I just finished reading this wonderful article on singing bowls. It is a nice academic overview of Tibetan Singing Bowls. I really recommend it to you to download and read.

It’s called  Healing Sound: Contemporary Methods for Tibetan Singing Bowls  and was written by Kathleen R. Humphries and received a library award from Loyola Marymount University. I really think it is a good one. Please read it.

Heart Chakra Resonance
Video Posted on Youtube

New video up at Youtube.

Heart Chakra Resonance Set.

It is my hope that people use this and my other videos for meditation and relaxation.
This set of bowls is harmonically centered around the Heart Chakra and so is wonderful to use when you are feeling a need to open to your feelings.
I am also making available all the recordings as downloads from Bandcamp so that you can use these sounds to enhance your life.

I create sets to order for sound healers and can help you understand what you need to do to harmonize existing singing bowls to make a more powerful set. The tibetan singing bowl is my passion and I love to talk about them. Please email me.

This recording is of tibetan singing bowls it is a four bowl set of 3 tuned cups and one antique thadobati . The recording also includes a set of heavy tingsha chose to match the bowls. The thadobati is a beautiful 18th century antique. It has the rim frequency of F – a heart bowl. I hope you use this recording as a beautiful support for meditation and relaxation.

Sound recording available here

Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls from my collection are available here

Oneonta – 8th Annual Spiritual Arts Fair

Sound Healing Workshop Event Time is May 4th at 7pm  and will be in Room 4.
Himalayan Singing Bowls – Tools that Teach.

The Eighth Annual Spiritual Arts Fair 2012 – Oneonta
“Expanding Spiritual Connections”

I will be participating in the Eighth Annual Spiritual Arts Fair in Oneonta on May 4th, (Friday Night).

Lumena Atherton -workshop activity himalayan singing bowls - sound healing self practice

The presentation will be a combination of lecture and hands on interaction.  I will demonstrate the various ways to use the sound of Himalayan Bowls to deepen your meditation and use sound to guide yourself to a greater experience of health and well being.  You will get a direct experience of the bowls and enjoy the contact with their energies. Sound has been used for focus and meditation in Asia for over 8,000 years these bowls represent the thought and practice that has evolved in cultures that form the basis of many of our ideas about spirituality and meditation. Words fail to describe the experience – it is better to see in person.

This is the first time I have presented in this area and I am looking forward to meeting new people and finding ways to connect.  I hope to see you there.

Event Location: Unitarian Universalist Society-
12 and 16 Ford Avenue
Oneonta, NY

My workshop is included the Fair admission price of $5. The Fair admission includes entrance to both days (4th and the 5th) and access to all workshops.

12 Ford Ave
Oneonta, NY 13820

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