Sound Light Being – Invocation – Sound and Video

I have been working a lot lately and wanted to make a note about the new recording that I have posted on Bandcamp.lumena atherton,tibetan singing bowls, himalayan singing bowls, tibetan singing bowl meditation, meditation music,,lotusflowerheart, sound healing, lightbody, dasa vayu

I am developing a much stronger relationship with my guide and I am beginning to see real fruit in the ease of connection that is occurring. There is also a video up at Youtube and the animation was done in tribute to a famous shaman Joska Soos. Joska Soos was a hungarian shaman and one of the first westerners to use Tibetan Singing Bowls in his shamanizations. He also was an exceptional visionary artist and his work was his way of showing how the “sound light beings” manifested to him.Joska Soos, sound light beings, shaman,tibetan singing bowls, shaman

I was introduced to his work through my teacher Margaret Harrell who also has one of his original paintings in her house. I really owe her a great debt for exposing me to his work.

I am always searching for more info about him and anyone who reads this who knows more please contact me.


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