Sound Massage
Healing with Sound and Intention

“The sound of the bowls is like a river and by merely following their sounds into silence great healing can occur.”

My thinking about singing bowls and doing sound massages with them…

The harmonious sounds that singing bowls make combined their gentle vibration allows singing bowls to suggest a state of well-being to your body and helps you to temporarily let go of damaging thoughts and stresses. People in good health will feel refreshed and energized after a treatment. People who face more complicated problems with health or difficult emotional states can achieve a deeper sense of relaxation which promotes healing. When the body is vibrating at its normal healthy frequencies you experience health. If a part of your body begins to function incorrectly it vibrates at a frequency that is not harmonious to its normal rate of vibration. This stuck rhythm can be reset using gentle pulses and flutters.

The antique tibetan bowls I use are feather light and feel like the kiss of butterfly wings.  Like throwing a pebble into a stream — the vibrations from the bowls interrupt patterns of disharmony and stress with little spirals of vibration and sound. In this way it is possible to use sound to project a temporary change in the rhythm and flow of the currents of the body. The standing wave of the heart is entrained momentarily and similar to physical massage the changes in pulse rhythm are influenced momentarily to allow the body to an opportunity to flush toxins and produce a clearer flow of fluid throughout the body. When the sound is removed, the body will then reassert it natural wave patterns and a gentle relaxation back to it’s natural frequency and health will be experienced. This change may not however be permanent as it is dependent on the physical conditions both interior and exterior of the patient. It is through the combination of intention and vibration that sound can effect healing.

I Made Sumantra

Sound carries the intention and the body responds by retuning itself to it’s natural healthy frequency. As my friend I Made Sumantra, a Balinese healer says, “I pray for you to be well”. My personal intention is to always be focused on your healing. If you wish to join your intentions to heal with mine, either verbally or non-verbally, I welcome and encourage your participation. By setting your intention to heal and leading the body to the correct vibrational frequency wonderful things can occur. A person is more than a body but your body is the vehicle you occupy for this incarnation and so must be attended to on all levels. I have been working on refining my techniques for years now and I feel that certain effects are felt by a majority of clients.  An hour of relaxing sound meditation will relieve tension and there will be a measurable net-effect of stress reduction which can last several days. People have found that they have more energy the next day after a session. In cases where the client may be undergoing other treatments for serious illnesses, conventional medical treatments are rendered more effective when sound meditation is used to augment the healing process. It has been found by cancer oncologist Dr. Mitch Gaynor that sound and focused intention can speed healing and reduce side effects of medications by decreasing the stress of the client and giving them a calm internal space without the need for learning additional techniques such as meditation or self-inquiry. If you any questions about the bowls, me or anything at all, I am happy to talk to you.

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